It all started on June 2nd, 2020 after the loss of my son Jesús Isaí. I had been left in critical condition. I was living at my parents’ house. By December 7th, 2020, I was well.

I met an older guy and accepted an invitation to go out. I was lonely. On that outing, I talked and said things I shouldn’t have said. While we finished making love, my words were that neither of us was going to fall in love. That everything was fleeting, both because he was married and I didn’t want any problems. When two months had passed, at least that’s how long I went without seeing him, I had thought everything was as I had said it was – fleeting. Although deep in my heart I wanted to see him again.

Well, after another 15 more days I saw him. He asked me out again and we were together again. Something woke up inside of me. I wanted to hug him. To have him by my side. Or rather, I had begun to love him.

“After that, I never saw him again. Days, months went by. Almost three months without hearing from him. Then one day, in the afternoon, we met by chance. He cared about me. We saw each other.”

We decided to go away again. To do our thing, although we knew he was married and I had to keep some distance. After 6 months I fell madly in love with him. He became my everything in life. My angel. My everlasting love and then it became routine.

His importance went away. He was with other women. He stopped caring about his love for me. I suffered, I suffered because from the bottom of my heart I loved him so much that sometimes I left my things behind. It took about 3 months for him to realize that he didn’t care as much about me as I did. I made a big decision in my life, which was to accept Christ in my heart. And even though as of July 12th, 2021 I still love him. I know that God will grant me the miracle of getting him far away from my heart.


Storyteller Ana Lucia is from Venezuela.


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