This time has brought courage and intentionality to address my limiting beliefs along with the stories that I have told myself about people in my life.


After that, I never saw him again. Days, months went by. Almost three months without hearing from him. Then one day, in the afternoon, we met by chance. He cared about me. We saw each other.


As a child I felt more connected to the moon, the stars and seas, much more than to any flag or nation yearning to reconnect with my true home yet unknown.

I Am

I grew up with parents who had the strongest hands I’ve ever seen. I thought I’d get their genes easily…

The Girl Who Could

I enjoy sharing one of my passions, which is cooking; every weekend, we prepare a meal to go feed the less fortunate; we deliver hot food so they know that no matter the situation they are in, there is always someone who thinks and cares about them.

Continuing My Story

What I say to my children is that they be good parents to their children. We suffered a lot because we didn’t have much food; there wasn’t plenty, so we never wasted any.

I Wanted to Study

We arrived in 1983 with four children and six suitcases. We came legally with papers and everything but despite this, life was completely different. We had left friends, jobs, homes. I left my elderly mother. All this created enormous nostalgia for our community.

The Little Butterfly