I didn't know true love until my first son Martin Jr. was born...

My Memories

After that, I never saw him again. Days, months went by. Almost three months without hearing from him. Then one day, in the afternoon, we met by chance. He cared about me. We saw each other.


I grew up with parents who had the strongest hands I’ve ever seen. I thought I’d get their genes easily…

The Girl Who Could

I have been through difficult times in my life, but along with my husband and son, we have been able to overcome everything thanks to the great love there is between us.

Dreams Do Come True

Well, today I want to tell about my life. I am the second oldest of nine siblings. We are five women and four men. We were a family with my dad and my mom. I always remember how we used to play when we were little; I used to run […]

My Rose-Tinted Life

I came to this country because I lived a life of domestic violence with my husband. I crossed the mountains along with my 1-year-old daughter and I survived.

Handcrafted in Morelos

She, my mother, knew that mothers cannot do it on their own; that they need to form armies of shared parenting; that love has to be shared between the children of the earth; and that love we share is involved in the care of every human being.

On the Occasion of May 10th