My Memories

My story, I always wanted to have a girl, but God gave me two beautiful sons. I love them with all my being. I didn’t know true love until my first son Martin Jr. was born and then my second son Ruben was born. My sons are the light of my eyes and my reason for living.

“One time God granted me the joy of giving my motherly love to a beautiful little girl Meilyn. But the system took her away from me because she was not my blood daughter.”

I cared for her until she was 3 1/2 years old because she was in the adoption process and because I didn’t meet the requirements that the system was asking of me. They asked me to have financial resources, that the girl have her own room and that I have a partner that she could see. That she have a mother and father figure, but I was on my own. They asked me to part with my children and that confused me. On the one hand they wanted a family for the child, and they asked me to separate from my own children. In the end my child was given to another family that had more economic possibilities. Today my little girl is 11 years old, I thank God and I ask Him to bless this family because they love and protect her, and I hope one day God will give me the joy of being able to hug and kiss my little Meilyn.

Storyteller Paula Placencia works with the farmworker community. She was born in Coruña, Coahuila, Mexico.

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