It turns out that the people in the office looked at the report the doctor sent from the hospital and they realized she got hurt. They asked what had happened. 

In The Fields

Sometimes, I think that if I could have wings, I would fly to him.

Wings to Fly High

To be able to help my children not be without, I used to leave the jobs where I was being harassed and I used to move on to other jobs where I thought I would not receive harassment.  But, it seemed that all of them agreed to do the same thing....

Sexual Harassment and Domestic Violence

I supported them, modestly, but I did make sure they had a good education in life and I feel proud of that, because I was, as people say, a single mother twice.

Working For My Family

... we are forty percent of the population. Why aren’t we at the table?

The Refinery

I hear the pens around me in this workshop scribble away their most intimate memories. I think to myself, how vulnerable we can be, but yet so empowered by our written word. I feel very honored to have a space to share my story, and acknowledged for how unique and beautiful it is.

A Gentle Invitation

Your dust papa is covering my silence, my voice reveals to be silence. Why to reveal to the sacred silence?


So Guatemala called my mom. Guatemala happened. So they call her saying your dad is dying

The Big Story

That sunny May Day afternoon all of the classes in third grade were assigned to dance the Mexican Hat Dance in the elementary school festival. It was one of the few ways that our culture was honored in school. Every May Day there would be one class that performed something Mexican. It may have always been the Mexican Hat Dance because I don’t remember any other dances.

Mama Carmela