After that, I never saw him again. Days, months went by. Almost three months without hearing from him. Then one day, in the afternoon, we met by chance. He cared about me. We saw each other.


But, at that time my mind as a child didn't understand the damage, he did to me, because he always gave me money. And me and my neighbor's girl would be happy with the money he gave us so we wouldn't say anything.

The Girl with The Smile

I'm living a very stormy moment in my life.


I could never call her Mom. Not even on her deathbed.

My Sadness

It turns out that the people in the office looked at the report the doctor sent from the hospital and they realized she got hurt. They asked what had happened. 

In The Fields

Sometimes, I think that if I could have wings, I would fly to him.

Wings to Fly High

To be able to help my children not be without, I used to leave the jobs where I was being harassed and I used to move on to other jobs where I thought I would not receive harassment.  But, it seemed that all of them agreed to do the same thing....

Sexual Harassment and Domestic Violence

I supported them, modestly, but I did make sure they had a good education in life and I feel proud of that, because I was, as people say, a single mother twice.

Working For My Family