Adios Amor Film

The Film

Adios Amor is’s sister project. In the hour-long documentary, the filmmaker discovers forgotten photographs and sets out to find their intrepid heroine—Maria Moreno, a migrant mother who sacrificed everything but her twelve kids in the passionate pursuit of justice for farmworkers. Years before Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta launched the UFW, Maria picked up the only weapon she had—her voice—and became an outspoken leader in an era when women were relegated to the background. The first farm worker woman in America to be hired as a union organizer, Maria took her crusade all the way to the nation’s capital, and yet her story was lost to history. Today, Maria’s restless spirit hovers over the unfinished struggle for justice for the workers who feed the nation with their backbreaking labor.

WATCH: Adios Amor had its national broadcast on PBS VOCES in September 2019. To order a copy visit For additional resources visit


A Message from the filmmaker Laurie Coyle

The seed for Adios Amor was planted years ago when I was lead researcher for the public television documentary The Fight in the Fields-Cesar Chavez and the Farmworkers’ Struggle. Searching for pictures of Cesar Chavez, I came across hundreds of photographs of a remarkable Latina activist. Her name was Maria Moreno, but nobody seemed to know anything about her. With the photographs in hand, I set out to find her. The search lead me through archives, attics, and orchards, California’s great Central Valley, the Arizona desert, and beyond the US-Mexico border. I uncovered a treasure trove of photographs, audiotapes, home movies and memorabilia. I met farm labor organizers and friends and family members, as well as the maverick photographers and journalists who captured Maria’s story and kept her memory alive. The search for Maria Moreno changed me. I hope Adios Amor will inspire you to launch your own journeys of discovery, and to share what you learn with all of us.