The Girl with The Smile

The girl with the smile was a girl who seemed happy and always smiled at everything despite being sexually harassed by my uncle. He harassed me and raped me whenever he wanted.

“But, at that time my mind as a child didn’t understand the damage, he did to me, because he always gave me money. And me and my neighbor’s girl would be happy with the money he gave us so we wouldn’t say anything.”

Well, he raped her too, and she was younger than me and I was 7 years old and she was 6. Until I grew up and he didn’t bother me anymore. I don’t know how many girls he’d raped, but they’d put him in jail and he’d get out of jail and walk free. My grandma would take him into the house. But my sister kicked him out. I didn’t know why but he had hurt her too.

Well, it’s a part of my childhood. Then I got married and my life was worse. Well, I suffered domestic violence with my husband. He was very sexist and would beat me for any reason and would be out with other women.



Storyteller Maria Salazar is a lovely woman who works as a janitor.

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