Dreams Do Come True

I come from a large Mexican family. I have ten sisters and three brothers. Our family is originally from Jalostotitlan, Jalisco, Mexico. In 1999, I got married in my hometown, and a few days after we got married, my husband brought me to this country to seek a better future. In 2002, my son Ricardo was born, which for me is a miracle that he was born, because my pregnancy was complicated. The doctor told me that I could not have my son, but thank God, my son was born after taking several precautions.

It took 22 days for the doctor to discharge me. After giving birth, because of my condition – which was a bit tricky – and because of the many studies they did on my son to make sure he was all right, my big dream to become a mother finally came true.

I have been through difficult times in my life, but along with my husband and son, we have been able to overcome everything thanks to the great love there is between us. I like working with the community because of the many things people have gone through fighting very hard for a better future.

“They have fought for their dreams, just as I fought to fulfill my dream to be a mom.”

It makes me happy to get involved with the community; to know that I am helping solve problems with the information I receive from Lideres Campesinas.

I am able to help them change their future. My son is now 15 years old. He is a very intelligent boy, always an honor student. He is also in the school music band, and he is a very dreamy child who strives for things to always turn out well. He is cheerful, affectionate, optimistic and compassionate. He always wants to help others. He is a child who has given me great happiness; he has been my strength to overcome my illness.

In 2014, I had a very serious illness. I had to go through a very long treatment; my son helped me recover sooner with his affection. My husband, sisters and brothers were also there in this difficult time I went through.

My husband is my great love; He is the person with whom I want to share the rest of my life, and my son is what drives my life and drives me to be a better person every day in order to overcome life obstacles with incredible force. There is a phrase my son repeats whenever we have a big problem in our family: “God, allow us to have happiness in life through thick and thin.” He is such a happy and cheerful child who spreads joy all around him.


Storyteller Sandra Reynoso comes from a big Mexican family. She has 10 sisters and 3 brothers and is the third daughter. She is a member of Lideres Campesinas and loves working with the community.

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