I was 8 years old when my dad tried to explain to me that I couldn’t get a driver’s license. The subject came up when I told him “I couldn’t wait to drive!” He then proceeded to tell me why.

Beginning to Understand

If I work it is out of necessity, not because I don’t need to work, that’s why we’re working.

Fighting and Learning

We came hoping to be better off financially, between the two of us working, we would be able to have a better life for our two daughters.

Everything Is Possible

I have had many trainings on pesticides and field conditions, and despite all the information that is in the media, I feel there is a great need to provide more.

To Fight Injustice

She gave me a room, bed and everything; with a blanket and everything. And then she got us a job in the strawberry fields. It was very hard. We had never worked in the fields, my husband and me. But we never chickened out. We worked.

Oppressed Heart

What I say to my children is that they be good parents to their children. We suffered a lot because we didn’t have much food; there wasn’t plenty, so we never wasted any.

I Wanted to Study

I was born in Los Angeles, CA. My mom was an undocumented immigrant. When I was one year old, she took me to Jalisco, Mexico. I grew up there.

When I Immigrated to the USA