Azucena’s Walks


When I crossed the border one of many times illegally, I lived a sadness without flavors; hunger, thirst, cold, hot, but I met people who have made me more grateful. There are more serious, sad problems. For example, a mother crossed with her newborn girl only days old. She didn’t have any more milk.

“To soothe her, they wet paper in puddles of water and put them to her little mouth.”

It’s sad, but I never forget. I’ve crossed several times. I’ve had my share of experiences where they’ve wanted to rape me more than once. One is resigned. After all, they’re going to do it anyway. If you refuse, they beat you, leave you or kill you. It’s that sad. The woman often has to endure as if it were the payment for being a woman. That’s how I’ve felt many times.


Storyteller Azucena is retired. She’s 90 years old and still resisting after so many experiences.

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