Sexual Harassment and Domestic Violence

My name is Fieldworker.  I was born in Apatzingan, Michoacán (Mexico). In 1996 we came to the United States. I have also suffered from domestic violence.

“Since coming here to work, I’ve been sexually harassed by foremen and supervisors.  To be able to help my children not be without, I used to leave the jobs where I was being harassed and I used to move on to other jobs where I thought I would not receive harassment.”

But, it seemed that all of them agreed to do the same thing because one of the foremen, when we were working with the hoe, would put his private parts on my backside and he used to say: “pa’delante” (go forward).  That was the way to give him a “ride” at work or he would put me to work where there were a lot of weeds, so that the other workers would have to leave and he would grab me and kiss me and say that if I did not accept him there would be no more work for me, and that because me and my children were newcomers from Mexico, we owed a lot of money.  I had to endure since it seemed that it was the same everywhere. We had to pay all the money that we owed from the crossing with my husband and my children.  Also, I have a daughter who was a victim of domestic violence and she tried to kill herself three times, but thank God we got into Lideres Campesinas.


Storyteller Fieldworker/Trabajadora del campo is a member of Líderes Campesinas.

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