I didn't know true love until my first son Martin Jr. was born...

My Memories

Women are sacred and must be honored and respected by men; be it her husband, boyfriend, lover, friend, relative, neighbor, stranger, etc.

We’re Winning Battles

I started working in the fields when I was 12 years old. My dad would take me and my sisters during vacations when the grape harvest would start.

The Daughter of Farmworkers

The hitting stopped, but the verbal abuse and drunkenness didn’t

The Pérez Family

But, at that time my mind as a child didn't understand the damage, he did to me, because he always gave me money. And me and my neighbor's girl would be happy with the money he gave us so we wouldn't say anything.

The Girl with The Smile

I'm living a very stormy moment in my life.


The doctors told us that he had died because of all the pesticide that is put on the land and because of all the time he worked in the fields.

Wings to Wind

I could never call her Mom. Not even on her deathbed.

My Sadness