Although she had nice legs, her knees were bent together in an odd position at the center. She always preferred to keep them covered

My Mother’s Knees

I did not see that the mirrors lining that room held another side, a side of my family’s story that we pretended not to see.

Que Lio (What a Mess)

I started meeting more mothers at school, that’s how I found out that someone needed help with taking care of their children so they could go to work, and I offered. I told them, “I am at home with my husband and my three sons who work. I can take care of your children, if you want,"

That is Mi Historia

We came hoping to be better off financially, between the two of us working, we would be able to have a better life for our two daughters.

Everything Is Possible

I enjoy sharing one of my passions, which is cooking; every weekend, we prepare a meal to go feed the less fortunate; we deliver hot food so they know that no matter the situation they are in, there is always someone who thinks and cares about them.

Continuing My Story

What I say to my children is that they be good parents to their children. We suffered a lot because we didn’t have much food; there wasn’t plenty, so we never wasted any.

I Wanted to Study

I was born in Los Angeles, CA. My mom was an undocumented immigrant. When I was one year old, she took me to Jalisco, Mexico. I grew up there.

When I Immigrated to the USA

I would go to school, come back and do my homework and go outside and play with my friends. It felt so good! I loved my life at that moment. It was like if a big weight was off my shoulders.

In Every Storm There’s a Calm

I only went to the hospital and back to the house. A week later and I’m making his lunches, doing everything I can.