People often label me as Asian, but I think of myself as just Phoebe.


Despite these interesting measures taken to quiet the young parrot, Lulu survived the trip to San Francisco and lived for many years. While Lulu was a family pet, the bird seemed to develop the strongest relationship with Abuelito.

Abuelito a Man with Affinity for Animals

I am grateful to have the privilege of being able to speak and not to not have forgotten my Mam language. I am from Guatemala...

My Story

My father is from Compton and my mother is from Watts, California. My family roots are deeply rooted in Los Angeles and Los Angeles is where I call home.

The Viramontes and Jacquez Story

Like water these memories are now crashing around in my mind, like water on rocks. I feel a sense of urgency, that at all costs put it all down, and to tell what I can.

Monsters In My Head

Although my birth mother had to make a huge sacrifice by giving me up, she game me another chance at life to have a wonderful, loving family and so many wonderful opportunities.

My Journey Through Life

Another part of my life, my formative years shaped, was my pursuit of long-distance running. I began running cross-country and track my freshman year of high school.

The Mountains are Calling

I stand on the shoulders of two people that worked with the circumstances they were given to provide opportunities for their children.

At The End of The Day