Migrant Woman

My name is Elizabeth.  I am a migrant woman.  I came to follow my husband.  I married him being completely in love not ever imaging that soon after getting married my torture with domestic violence would start.  I never knew what that was while living with my family (parents).  We, in our family, were treated with respect.

Even so I submitted to my husband and I had four children; 3 girls and 1 boy.  I didn’t want to continue with domestic violence and let my husband hit me, insult me.

“I decided to break my commitment with him forever.”

He kept harassing me every time I asked for help for my children.  I stopped asking him for help to stop the harassment.

I put myself to work very hard; and to study as well.  I studied nursing and I was able to help my children to move forward, even though they seem to be emotionally affected by the separation between their father and me.  They do not believe in marriage despite the fact that I tell them that marriage and having a family is nice.  The only thing is to choose well the right partner and to educate themselves to make life changes, so they do not experience domestic violence in their lives.  All of us have to make some change in our lives.

Now, I participate in the Lideres Campesinas organization, helping others to overcome domestic violence.  Today I can smile and feel supported by my compañeras.


Storyteller Elizabeth dedicates this story to her “beloved children:  Elizabeth, Jacob, Cindy and Stephanie.” This story was written by Elizabeth during the Lideres Campesinas:  Sembrando El Futuro workshop in Greenfield, California.

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