I celebrate having my history exist outside the borders of the country I live in.

A Strange Feeling

In school, I had a lot of classmates who were Latin@ or black. I knew we lived in a diverse society. After school, my neighborhood friends and I would exchange food our parents cooked us-- my sister and I traded steamed rice for warm tortillas. I didn’t understand what was so tasty about plain white rice but I guess my friends thought similarly about the tortillas I coveted.

Steamed Rice and Tortillas

Giving up is not an option. Only when all people are recognized and respected and treated with dignity will the fight end. Only when we decide that we belong to the same tribe – the human race!

La Raza Humana

We came hoping to be better off financially, between the two of us working, we would be able to have a better life for our two daughters.

Everything Is Possible

I have had many trainings on pesticides and field conditions, and despite all the information that is in the media, I feel there is a great need to provide more.

To Fight Injustice

I would go to school, come back and do my homework and go outside and play with my friends. It felt so good! I loved my life at that moment. It was like if a big weight was off my shoulders.

In Every Storm There’s a Calm