Although she had nice legs, her knees were bent together in an odd position at the center. She always preferred to keep them covered

My Mother’s Knees

But, at that time my mind as a child didn't understand the damage, he did to me, because he always gave me money. And me and my neighbor's girl would be happy with the money he gave us so we wouldn't say anything.

The Girl with The Smile

I'd come sitting down the mountains and we had to cross a river at 2 a.m. I felt as though it almost dragged me away. There were rattlesnakes. We listened to them, but God is great and helped us to come to this country.

Crossing The Border “Like A Phoenix”

Traumas in our life as a child can really impact us as adults and many people don’t talk about it because they don’t know how or what reactions other people will have to their stories in life.

Positive Mind, Positive Life

Saw on classroom wall “without a struggle there can be no progress”


I did not see that the mirrors lining that room held another side, a side of my family’s story that we pretended not to see.

Que Lio (What a Mess)

My family was going through financial and emotional difficulties due to the unspoken illness my mom had been keeping from us. The only solution my mom knew to feed us, was to rekindle the relationship with the man who fathered some of her children.

More Human Than My Father