The Great Harlingen Migration, for which Blas Ventura was a prominent and important figure, will never be documented in any history textbook. But those who came to the Bay Area, because of Blas Ventura’s efforts, and prospered in their new lives, owe him much and should remember Blas Ventura fondly and keep him in their hearts.

The Architect of the Great Harlingen Migration

My father is from Compton and my mother is from Watts, California. My family roots are deeply rooted in Los Angeles and Los Angeles is where I call home.

The Viramontes and Jaquez Story

...she was finally presented with the diploma she earned decades ago.

A Family Affair

Another part of my life, my formative years shaped, was my pursuit of long-distance running. I began running cross-country and track my freshman year of high school.

The Mountains are Calling

Women are sacred and must be honored and respected by men; be it her husband, boyfriend, lover, friend, relative, neighbor, stranger, etc.

We’re Winning Battles

Traumas in our life as a child can really impact us as adults and many people don’t talk about it because they don’t know how or what reactions other people will have to their stories in life.

Positive Mind, Positive Life

I celebrate having my history exist outside the borders of the country I live in.

A Strange Feeling

In school, I had a lot of classmates who were Latin@ or black. I knew we lived in a diverse society. After school, my neighborhood friends and I would exchange food our parents cooked us-- my sister and I traded steamed rice for warm tortillas. I didn’t understand what was so tasty about plain white rice but I guess my friends thought similarly about the tortillas I coveted.

Steamed Rice and Tortillas

Our youth can change the cycle of poverty, of instability. They too can be the leaders who create change.

I Was Tasked With A Job