I Was Tasked With A Job

From a very young age, I knew I wanted to live a life with purpose.

“I wanted to dedicate my life’s work to serving others because I saw much need when growing up. I was raised to challenge the status quo and advocate for myself and members of my community.”

These values that now hold my own were instilled by my parents and grandparents. Growing up I saw a lot of injustice. I saw a legal system that was broken where mi gente were the ones affected the most. It burst to see la parada with workers seeking to find labor. Labor to feed their hungry families to provide for them. I saw the lack of opportunities given to many of my family and community members and I wanted this to change. I know I am one person and can’t change the world but in working with youth I know now that through education can be the game-changer. Advocacy and fighting for social justice can create change and if our youth hold these values as truths then they too can be part of the change we long to see, be part of that change we need. Our youth can change the cycle of poverty, of instability. They too can be the leaders who create change. I am a first-generation student: first in my entire family lineage to graduate from college. A path leader: as the eldest of three and all my cousins, was encouraged to set an example. I was tasked with a job.


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