This time has brought courage and intentionality to address my limiting beliefs along with the stories that I have told myself about people in my life.


...she was finally presented with the diploma she earned decades ago.

A Family Affair

I want her to be respectful, proud, to advocate for herself, to know where she comes from, to be a good person, to practice empathy, and the list goes on, right…

Mamá (Mother)

Our youth can change the cycle of poverty, of instability. They too can be the leaders who create change.

I Was Tasked With A Job

Well, today I want to tell about my life. I am the second oldest of nine siblings. We are five women and four men. We were a family with my dad and my mom. I always remember how we used to play when we were little; I used to run […]

My Rose-Tinted Life

Having to be father and mother to my two children, it was not easy. I cried many times, but I also laughed a lot with them

A Single Mother

Life is hard and difficult to live, but there are times when all the suffering we have gone through is rewarded.

I Love What I Do!

Teachers are the solution to help social justice become justice.

Her Dream

It was a big change for me to leave my family, my sisters, my mom, it was the hardest thing for me, but for that reason I do not give up.

The Life of an Ordinary Person