Mamá (Mother)

A new mamá is one of my roles. And I am constantly thinking about the kind of mother I want to be. It’s been a learning journey for the past four years–no, even more than that because I was thinking about it before I got pregnant.

“I think about all the mothers I’ve met, my maternal abuelita, the matriarch, my mother; and they all have a unique quality that I admire. I’m not them obviously, but I have certain qualities from the mujeres in my family that I see in me when I’m with my four-year-old daughter.”

I want her to be respectful, proud, to advocate for herself, to know where she comes from, to be a good person, to practice empathy, and the list goes on, right…

Ahh it’s hard, when I think about the most difficult role in my life, I would say it is playing the role of a mother. And it is such a powerful one, such an important one, such an individual one, and I wouldn’t want to make a mistake. I wouldn’t want to get fired from mamá school : -). So, I guess my journey as a woman continues…


Storyteller Las Flores is a Latina mother and educator who grew up in the Mission (District of San Francisco, Ca.).

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