Working for My Community

I am a woman of color who was brought up in a family that is proud of its indigenous roots. I grew up listening with respect to languages other than English and Spanish. And, I was raised as a bilingual/bicultural person. Being culturally competent has supported my love of my culture and community.

“I enjoy volunteering and teaching my students about other cultures, beliefs, and customs. This not only helps them learn about themselves but also helps them develop their own cultural competence.”

I plan to live by empowering others, being involved and giving back to my community because my community has made me aware of the needs that it has. I will work to be an educator, a resource, and be a person to provide support. My goal is to create a college-going culture in my community so that more people are able to accomplish their educational goals and then are able to work in helping/giving back.

My gift to the family of this earth is being an advocate for others. It is bringing awareness of the resources that are needed so that others are able to pursue their dreams.


Storyteller C. Robles tells us, “I am currently applying to gradúate school to pursue a Masters in Education/Teaching Credential.”

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