The Viramontes and Jacquez Story


My name is Gregory Miles Viramontes. My parents are Ramiro Viramontes and Veronica Jacquez. My father’s parents are Ramiro Sanchez-Viramontes and Agripina Robles. My mother’s parents are Martin Jacquez and Rosa Gutierrez. Both my father’s and mother’s parents emigrated from Mexico to the United States.

“My father is from Compton and my mother is from Watts, California. My family roots are deeply rooted in Los Angeles and Los Angeles is where I call home. “

I have one awesome older brother and his name is Matthew Viramontes. We live in West Covina, California, with our two parents and love spending time with them. I am a first-generation college student and I have had a tremendous experience at the University of San Diego. I am very happy knowing I chose to attend the University of San Diego and I am even more happy knowing I chose a Roman Catholic University.

Storyteller Gregory Miles Viramontes writes, “I am a first-generation college student and graduate from the University of San Diego. I live in West Covina, California with my mother, father, and older brother.”

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