Mom loved her beer and her San Francisco Giants. We enjoyed many a hot summer afternoon during backyard BBQs with ice cold beer. I took Mom to the Santa Clara County Fair one warm July. We drank beer, ate linguica sandwiches and overly-cooked corn on the cob slathered in too much butter and coated with a lot of salt.

Remembering La Nena and Me

Grandma Maria Moreno bundled him and his youngest siblings and set off to a part of the Arizona desert where she would seek direction from God and Tio Tito would begin his guitar lessons on the nearest broom. Over time that old broom would be replaced with a Gibson guitar and many, many more.

Tio Tito (August 5, 1949 – July 22, 2020)

The doctors told us that he had died because of all the pesticide that is put on the land and because of all the time he worked in the fields.

Wings to Wind

I started meeting more mothers at school, that’s how I found out that someone needed help with taking care of their children so they could go to work, and I offered. I told them, “I am at home with my husband and my three sons who work. I can take care of your children, if you want,"

That is Mi Historia

After that I started doing more extreme things, and then what I was doing back then became a habit.

I Like Sports!

...when I was in school, they could not buy me a physical education uniform...

To Learn Many Things

Sometimes, I think that if I could have wings, I would fly to him.

Wings to Fly High

If someone were to ask me,  “How it is that the fruit is grown, so beautifully, that are strawberries?” What it is to pick out the seedling, clean it up, and choose good seedlings.  How it is to plant seedlings and how to take care of the plant so that those strawberries grow.  How to pick strawberries:  what it is to work in the cannery; make juice; for shampoo, for everything.  To do everything, I’ve done every kind of work there is to be had with strawberries.

My Childhood