Saw on classroom wall “without a struggle there can be no progress”


Nana’s house was my sanctuary and a sea filled with many loving memories. Her roses in the backyard gave life to the hummingbirds who would stop by and the blackberry tree gave all the grandchildren a mountain to climb.

345 Wooster Avenue

I want her to be respectful, proud, to advocate for herself, to know where she comes from, to be a good person, to practice empathy, and the list goes on, right…

Mamá (Mother)

As a child I felt more connected to the moon, the stars and seas, much more than to any flag or nation yearning to reconnect with my true home yet unknown.

I Am

Giving up is not an option. Only when all people are recognized and respected and treated with dignity will the fight end. Only when we decide that we belong to the same tribe – the human race!

La Raza Humana