My Journey Through Life

My name is Chloe Leclair and I am 21 years old. I am in a family of 5, with my parents Kathleen and Craig Leclair and my 2 younger brothers, Danny and Mateo. My family is very diverse since my brothers and I are all adopted. My brothers are Hispanic, one from Oaxaca, Mexico and the other from Arizona. I was born in Missouri to my birth/biological mother Katherine. At 3 days old my adoptive parents brought me to my home in the Bay Area. I was raised in Los Gatos and San Jose, CA. where I attended Catholic schools. I am an extremely outdoorsy person, and therefor came to love running, hiking, skiing, and backpacking. I am also creative and enjoy the arts which was shown through my love for painting and ballet dancing. My parents have provided me with many amazing opportunities and I am extremely grateful for the privileges I have in my life.

“Although my birth mother had to make a huge sacrifice by giving me up, she gave me another chance at life to have a wonderful, loving family and so many wonderful opportunities.”

Living in California also has given me a chance to have much great access to the amazing outdoors. It makes me feel at peace, grateful for our planet, and makes me passionate about supporting the environmental movement.


Storyteller Chloe Leclair writes, “I am from Los Gatos, Bay Area, CA and I am adopted. I have a diverse family and upbringing. I am currently a student studying finance and ethnic studies. I plan to work in venture capital or corporate finance. I am passionate about the outdoors and environmentalism.

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