My father is from Compton and my mother is from Watts, California. My family roots are deeply rooted in Los Angeles and Los Angeles is where I call home.

The Viramontes and Jacquez Story

...she was finally presented with the diploma she earned decades ago.

A Family Affair

Like water these memories are now crashing around in my mind, like water on rocks. I feel a sense of urgency, that at all costs put it all down, and to tell what I can.

Monsters In My Head

Although my birth mother had to make a huge sacrifice by giving me up, she game me another chance at life to have a wonderful, loving family and so many wonderful opportunities.

My Journey Through Life

My education is something I definitely take for granted sometimes so I try to remind myself that many others would die for the opportunity to get an education...

My Life So Far

I stand on the shoulders of two people that worked with the circumstances they were given to provide opportunities for their children.

At The End of The Day

Although she had nice legs, her knees were bent together in an odd position at the center. She always preferred to keep them covered

My Mother’s Knees

I started working in the fields when I was 12 years old. My dad would take me and my sisters during vacations when the grape harvest would start.

The Daughter of Farmworkers

The hitting stopped, but the verbal abuse and drunkenness didn’t

The Pérez Family