...I am a fighter, a woman who likes to help other women, especially farmworker women who need to know about their rights, and become a bridge that helps enforce their social, economic, political and human rights.

My Life Through My Arrival

Teachers are the solution to help social justice become justice.

Her Dream

It was a big change for me to leave my family, my sisters, my mom, it was the hardest thing for me, but for that reason I do not give up.

The Life of an Ordinary Person

...with dedication and patience, anything is possible. I learned this from my parents, and I want to prove to everyone, and to myself, that it is true.

Why I Chose Teaching

It has been hard to achieve “The American Dream,” but soon I will be the first in my family to graduate with a BA and go into the teaching field.

My Life History

I understood that going to school was the solution to help my community.