This time has brought courage and intentionality to address my limiting beliefs along with the stories that I have told myself about people in my life.


Halfway through my senior year in high school, I decided that I wouldn’t continue with applications to college or community college...

Right Now

My family was going through financial and emotional difficulties due to the unspoken illness my mom had been keeping from us. The only solution my mom knew to feed us, was to rekindle the relationship with the man who fathered some of her children.

More Human Than My Father

...I was born in struggle from the first day of my existence.

My Autobiography

Well, today I want to tell about my life. I am the second oldest of nine siblings. We are five women and four men. We were a family with my dad and my mom. I always remember how we used to play when we were little; I used to run […]

My Rose-Tinted Life

We were in the country where her parents were born, but she was not welcome to own her identity by calling herself Hondureña.


He responded, “A history degree won’t pay the bills, why not become a nurse? They get paid well.” I told him I was not passionate about nursing and the thought of blood made me sick. Besides, I wanted to teach not work in a hospital.

My Father Tells Me