...I was born in struggle from the first day of my existence.

My Autobiography

I enjoy sharing one of my passions, which is cooking; every weekend, we prepare a meal to go feed the less fortunate; we deliver hot food so they know that no matter the situation they are in, there is always someone who thinks and cares about them.

Continuing My Story

...when I was in school, they could not buy me a physical education uniform...

To Learn Many Things

We were in the country where her parents were born, but she was not welcome to own her identity by calling herself Hondureña.


I have to remember to be critical, and evaluate the main narrative of history and show my students what it means to question accepted stories.

History is Herstory too….

A few years ago, I didn’t know whether to identify as a Chicana or a Latina or even American. Having learned about the history behind these identifiers helped me learn about Me.

Herstory in Progress

I remember my grandmother was strong. It was difficult for her to show her feelings since she had participated in the revolution. She had fifteen kids. Of those, most died of hunger and she was left with four.

Pinch of Love