I am fascinated with stories, and learning about the stories of others. Yet, its been the biggest struggle to learn about my own.

The Shoulders We Stand On

Like water these memories are now crashing around in my mind, like water on rocks. I feel a sense of urgency, that at all costs put it all down, and to tell what I can.

Monsters In My Head

Although my birth mother had to make a huge sacrifice by giving me up, she game me another chance at life to have a wonderful, loving family and so many wonderful opportunities.

My Journey Through Life

My education is something I definitely take for granted sometimes so I try to remind myself that many others would die for the opportunity to get an education...

My Life So Far

I stand on the shoulders of two people that worked with the circumstances they were given to provide opportunities for their children.

At The End of The Day

...I was born in struggle from the first day of my existence.

My Autobiography

I enjoy sharing one of my passions, which is cooking; every weekend, we prepare a meal to go feed the less fortunate; we deliver hot food so they know that no matter the situation they are in, there is always someone who thinks and cares about them.

Continuing My Story